• 韦特斯:没注意到打出了进攻高潮

    'They're not his!' interrupted Bane contemptuously. 'Students, Magorian, from up at the school! They have probably already profited from the traitor Firenze's teachings.'

  • 马斯切拉诺将飞赴危地马拉

    'Still, at least we can give it up now.'

  • 霍奇森:凯恩罚角球是因为他传球水平高

    'We'll save our news till tomorrow, shall we?' said Harry 'Yes, all right,' said Hermione wearily. 'I'm not in any hurry.' They climbed the steps together. At the front doors both instinctively looked back at the Forbidden Forest. Harry was not sure whether or not it was his imagination, but he rather thought he saw a small cloud of birds erupting into the air over the tree tops in the distance, almost as though the tree in which they had been nesting had just been pulled up by the roots.

  • 魏因齐尔:莱斯特城是沙尔克04的榜样

    'It was Hagrid,' said Harry. 'He decided to tell us why he's been covered in injuries ever since he got back from the giants. He wanted us to go into the Forest with him, we had no choice, you know how he gets. Anyway . . ."

  • 马季奇贺马布里获中国绿卡:想追随你的脚步

    Weasley is our King,

  • 马卡:卡瓦哈尔将因伤无缘欧洲杯

    'Good idea,' said Harry. 'Well . . . see you later, then, Hagrid.'

  • 骑士全队替詹皇鸣不平 LBJ:会继续保持侵略性

    'Well, you're just going to have to break your promise, that's all,' said Ron firmly. 'I mean, come on . . . we've got exams and we're about that far - ' he held up his hand to show thumb and forefinger almost touching '- from being chucked out as it is. And anyway . . . remember Norbert? Remember Aragog? Have we ever come off better for mixing with any of Hagrid's monster mates?'