• 官方:扎卡将穿枪手29号球衣

    Harry looked at her and the new feeling of pity intensified rather painfully.

  • 川军特色海报:外援变身刘关张

    There was Mad-Eye Moody, looking quite as sinister with his bowler hat pulled low over his magical eye as he would have done without it, his gnarled hands clutching a long staff, his body wrapped in a voluminous travelling cloak. Tonks stood just behind him, her bright bubble-gum-pink hair gleaming in the sunlight filtering through the dirty glass of the station ceiling, wearing heavily patched jeans and a bright purple T-shirt bearing the legend The Weird Sisters. Next to Tonks was Lupin, his face pale, his hair greying, a long and threadbare overcoat covering a shabby jumper and trousers. At the front of the group stood Mr and Mrs Weasley, dressed in their Muggle best, and Fred and George, who were both wearing brand-new jackets in some lurid green, scaly material.

  • 巴萨球迷庆祝辱骂马德里遭警方劝阻

    'Madam Pomfrey says she's just in shock,' whispered Hermione.

  • 尤尼恩:未必比詹姆斯更了解韦德

    'Hello,' said Luna vaguely, glancing around at him as she stepped back from the notice.

  • 官方:温布利球场成为热刺下赛季欧冠主场

    'But you did!' said Harry angrily. 'You came back - you're dead and you didn't disappear - '

  • 布鲁尔:德安东尼教练会带来活力

    A most peculiar expression stole over Nearly Headless Nick's face as he inserted a finger in the stiff ruff at his neck and tugged it a little straighter, apparently to give himself thinking time. He desisted only when his partially severed neck seemed about to give way completely.

  • 意媒:罗马欲折价收购大巴黎后卫迪涅

    'Yes,' said Dumbledore.