• 大郅:希望将经验传授给年轻内线

    ' 'Fraid I can't,' said Professor Grubbly-Plank breezily. 'Don't know anything more about it than you do. Got an owl from Dumbledore, would I like a couple of weeks' teaching, work. I accepted. That's as much as I know. Well . . . shall I get started then?'

  • 奥堡主帅宣布离队,沙尔克成热门

    'Well, you can't blame him for wanting to get out and about,' said Ron, when Harry discussed his fears with him and Hermione. 'I mean, he's been on the run for over two years, hasn't he, and I know that can't have been a laugh, but at least he was free, wasn't he? And now he's just shut up all the time with that ghastly elf.'

  • 勒沃库森小将塔替补吕迪格进入德国大名单

    henceforth disbanded.

  • 奥克利:巴克利,你别再喷骑士了

    Well . . . that's the plan, anyway,' said Hermione. 'If you want to join us, we need to decide how we're going to -

  • 利物浦8月6日约战巴塞罗那

    'Hmm,' said Professor Umbridge, dropping her voice, though Harry could still hear her quite clearly. 'I wonder - the Headmaster seems strangely reluctant to give me any information on the matter - can you tell me what is causing Professor Hagrid's very extended leave of absence?'

  • 埃泽利计划代表尼日利亚参加奥运

    Signed: Dolores Jane Umbridge, High Inquisitor

  • 勇士本赛季首次首节落后17分

    'Here,' she said anxiously, pushing a small bowl of yellow liquid towards him, 'soak your hand in that, it's a solution of strained and pickled Murtlap tentacles, it should help.'